Average Income in the United States

Updated with 2006 data: Average Income in the United States (1913-2006)

Here is a graph of average income (1913-2004) that I have been working on for a while. I am trying to incorporate into the graph economic and world events that would have affected the U.S. economy, making the assumption that the avg income is also affected by these events. The graph shows income that includes capital gain and income that does not include capital gains. After you finish looking at the historical average income you should check out my series of graphs on Income Distribution to understand why average income doesn't tell the whole story.


Data from Emmanuel Saez's web siteAddendum: 8/29/2006 Added Visualizing Economics logo to the graph; Reformatted some of the labels and legendAlso I have turned on the comments for this post so if you see a problem with the graph you can let me know. I will be updating it, as needed.


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