Comparing Income Series

I have been working on a graph to show how different US income data series compare to one another. I have plotted 8 income series from 4 different sources, including average and median income. Also, I used the CPI-U to adjust each series to 2005 dollars instead of 2002$, 2003$ and 2004$. Click on the graph to take a closer look:

Data sources for the income series can be found at:

Some of the differences in these series is due to the unit of measurement:

  1. Family is defined as two or more related people living together
  2. Households include families, singles, non-related people living together.
  3. Tax units are singles, married filling jointly, head of household.

Also over time, family and household sizes have been getting smaller.

If you see a problem with the graph you can post a comment. I plan to refine this graph over the next few weeks.

Addendum: 10/7/2006 Reformatted some of the labels and fixed the y-axis label


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