All Sources of Income for Top 0.01 Percent

In my earlier post on Sources of Income of the super rich I plotted the percentage of income that comes from wages, entrepreneurial income, dividend income, interest income, rental income, and capital gains for the Top 0.01 percent. Here I am posting the same data but this time all income sources are on the same graph. {Click on the graph to take a closer look}

All Income Sources of top 0.01 percent

A few items that caught my attention: the decline (starting in the 1930s) of the importance of Dividend income which was replaced in part by "Entrepreneurial" income then Capitals Gains and finally in the 60s by Wages. Also in the 70s and 80s Interest income becomes more important no doubt due to the high interest rates during those decades.

The income data can be found on Emmanuel Saez's web site.

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