North America Income, Education, Employment: 2006

US Population Ancestry

Screenshot from an interactive mapping tool from OECD Regional Statistics. While you can look at any region I choose North America. The color indicates the GDP per capita: blue is low income while red is high income. The graph on the right is comparing % of population with high school education vs unemployment. (The red circle, indicating very high income, belongs to Washington DC) {Click on the image to take a closer look}


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Comparing Income of Top 0.1 Percent in Five Countries

I created these graphs to show the change in the share of income going to the top 0.1%, comparing the United States to Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Japan from 1913-2004.

The effect by the two World Wars is clear but what is more subtle is the effect on the share of income going to the very wealthy due to the change in the top income tax rate. This could be due to attempts by the very wealthy to hide their income from the IRS or else having a higher tax rate will impact the distribution of income or both. I didn't have the marginal rates for the other countries but it would be interesting to see if they have a similar relationship between the share of total income captured by the Top 0.1 percent and income tax rates.

The income data can be found here on Emmanuel Saez's web site. I found the marginal tax rate for the United States in the SOI Bulletin Historical Table A at the IRS site via

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