Visualizing Economics is on Patreon.

With Patreon, I want to experiment with a persistent, crowd-funding model that supports exploring new datasets that I am obsessing over while experimenting with new methods for creating data visualizations (as well as updates and redesigns of my most popular graphs).

What do you get if you make a monthly pledge

The final low resolution image of my work will still be post on my blog, however, if you pledge you will get:

$1 — Sneak peek at this month's graphs before I post it here on
$3 — Sketches as I explore a new data set with tips and tricks about my process. 
$30 — High-resolution png file and pdf file you can download and use with restrictions. Share them with others (with appropriate credit given to me) but you can't modify or sell my work. However, when I reach my goal of $1,000 per month, I will begin releasing my work under a Creative Commons Free Cultural Works license!


Patreon works like a monthly subscription, but you can pledge any $ amount you wish. Remember, you are automatically charged every month but you can cancel pledges that are not pending or completed.


If you would prefer you can support my work with a one-time donation.

One-time donation