I help clients present complex data by designing information graphics and interactive dashboards.


I can create your information graphics: static images for print or web, that provide insight into the meaning of your data, targeted toward the general public.

Analysis & Design

Let me work with you on an interactive design using your data. This is where good ideas get their start before graduating into a larger project such as a dashboard or online reports.

Take a look as some of my past projects. Tell me a little about your project. You can email me at catherine@visualizingeconomics.com or use my contact form. 


Catherine Mulbrandon combines her expertise in both economics and design to illustrate the economy of the United States to present economic and financial data in context that helps people understand —at a glance— what the numbers really mean. She earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago, a master’s degree in design from Carnegie Mellon University and has worked in the finance industry for 10 years.  

In 2006, she launched VisualizingEconomics.com, a website dedicated to publishing infographics about economic data and promoting data visualization.  She currently works as a UX designer specializing in data visualization and recently published her first book: An Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States.




June 2015 – Panel talk at 4th Annual NABE Industry Conference

June 2014 – Spoke at the Fidelity User Experience Design All Hands on Deck meeting

February 2014 – Gave a lighting talk at Thinking with Your Eyes: Visualizing the Arts, Humanities, & Sciences, Harvard University

November 2013 – Spoke at the Society of Government Economist

July 2013 – Spoke at the Fidelity User Experience Design All Hands on Deck meeting

November 2012 – Spoke on "Data Visualization for Policy Analysis and Public Management" at APPAM Fall Research Conference

November 2012 – Spoke on "Visualizing Data" at AABPA Spring Symposium

December 2011 – Lunch talk at Congressional Budget Office about data visualization techniques

December 2011 – Spoke at the design lecture series Creative Mornings 

October 2011 – Spoke at The Big Picture Conference

March 2005 – Spoke at NYC-CHI about "Artists Working in the Digital Medium"


September 2012 – Top Marginal Tax Rates Poster Shortlist — Data Visualisation Category in the The Information is Beautiful Awards

March 2012 – 2012 SXSW Interactive Scholarship winner

Summer 2011 – Received New Media Women Entrepreneur grant

Spring 2011 – Raised over $14,000 using Kickstarter to fund an "An Illustrated Guide to Income

August 2009 – Participated in Project M at Winterhouse "Pizza Farm" 

Winter 2005 – Participated in 2005 Cathedral Arts Festival Jersey City, NJ