Tracking Production of Financial Reports

This internal site was designed to track the production of client reports, (from data collection, to final proofing, to the production of the report) and to facilitate communication within the observed department, with Consultants and other data departments within the company.


We choose to use the methodology of Contextual Design for the research phase (which lasted 3 months) and used paper prototypes to design and test out proposed web site (six months). I (and my teammate) worked 5-6 workflow diagrams using Visio and process our interview notes by creating an affinity diagram. We conducted 15-20 participatory design sessions using 55+ low-fidelity prototypes of web pages. Also, we met with the managers of the department to review changes and ideas for the new administration software every week and wrote documentation for final requirements approval.

Employee Roles in Report Production


Paper Prototypes

This prototype would replace the Excel files and papers files that the department currently uses.

Sample Page: Track Data Requests

Data Collection Specialists request data from investment management firms. They can add and edit the fields on this page to track the status of these requests.

Sample Page: Analyst Homepage

The Analyst is responsible for proofing the reports that they get from the Associates, rating the quality of those reports, and getting the reports to the Consultant for review before they are produced and sent to the client. They can edit the fields on this page to track the status of their assigned reports.